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Is it Possible to Increase Intelligence?

When answering this question we must first be careful to define just what it is we mean by intelligence. After all under the most general definitions, this question has an obvious answer; it is clearly possible to improve our intelligence. Why did we spend so much time at school if we were not able to improve our ability to learn and solve problems?

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What is Intelligence?

Intelligence has been a remarkably difficult concept to pin down in any kind of robust and reliable way.  It often falls into that elusive category of ‘things we know exactly what they are until someone asks us for a definition’. Because of this there are many competing conceptions. The definition below is a synthesis of many of these different ideas.

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Principles for Increasing Intelligence

Many exercises and techniques have been demonstrated to improve various aspects of cognitive performance, and some specific techniques which show transferable increases in intelligence have also been found. However most brain training exercises and games do not give any benefit beyond an improved ability to play that particular game. 

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